Sunday, November 17, 2013

Shih Tzu Temperment

Shih Tzu’s are known to be gentle, happy, lively, friendly, courageous, affectionate, and never afraid to provide their humans with licks of love.
 Shih Tzu are best know to be the pet who wants to be a loyal companion to their  owners. They are essentially everything that you need companion  to be. This is why the Shih Tzu Temperament is very happy, friendly, affectionate, outgoing and trusting. Even without such a Temperament, this small dog breed are the first to win our hearts with their adorable hair covered faces and fluffy bodies!
With the Shih Tzu Temperament being so centered around it’s owner,  they need to be put in a healthy and loving environment. It is also essential to let them be with their breeder and mother for quite a couple of weeks before they are going to their forever home so that they have the strong social skills needed to be part of a family. Any good breeder who knows about the Shih Tzu Temperament will do this .
Shih Tzu’s are known to the “little lions” and they for sure act their part. They are little love bugs who are great apartment dogs and can live in big homes since they are so small. The Shih Tzu Temperament is good enough to get along with any other pets. They are excellent for large families. The Shih Tzu Temperament is also well suited for single people and the elderly. They are very well behaved. They are also very adorable and loving looking with their under bite!