Thursday, December 1, 2011

puppy/dog Tear stains Review

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Dog with Tear StainsTear stains develop when bacteria and yeast form on the hair/fur located underneath the eyes of both cats and dogs. While it is possible to clean this area with a topical solution such as a wipe, the reality is that is only a short term solution. The next time tears gestate underneath the eyes, the same stains will return.
" The best way to get rid of tear stains is to attack the problem from the inside out with natural supplements."
Tear stains are most evident on light colored animals and commonly affect small breeds of dogs such as Shi-Tzus, Poodles and the Maltese. While tear stains are not life-threatening, they are often unpleasant looking and result in the appearance of clumpy, discolored facial hair. This is often very frustrating as most owners are very careful to ensure their pet is cleaned and groomed regularly. However, as previously stated, grooming will not stop tear stains from developing. The best way to remove tear stains is to use a supplement such as those listed below. These products work from the inside out and attack the root cause of the problem. After a few weeks of your pet taking these supplements the hair/fur underneath the eye will grow out and remain stain free. All you have to do is to trim the hair/fur as it grows out.
Our staff has reviewed dozens of tear stain removal products and has narrowed down their list to the top 6 products available online. It should be noted that while all of the products we list can help, some of them contain the ingredient Tylosin, which is an antibiotic. This is important to mention as some animals can become sick after taking it which is why we suggest using a tear stain removal product that does not contain Tylosin.
The following products are ranked according to the following criteria: strength and safety of ingredients, cost effectiveness, and overall customer feedback.

The Top Tear Stain Products:
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Product Image Product Name Ability to Help Remove Tear Stains Ability to Help Prevent Future Tear Stains Ability to Help Support Healthy Vision Ability to Help Support the Immune System Contains Potentially Dangerous Ingredient Tylosin Learn More
1 Tearlax Tearlax Superior Superior Excellent Superior No Learn
2 Angels Delight Angels Delight Excellent Excellent Good Excellent No Learn
3 Angels Eyes Angels Eyes Good Good Fair Fair Yes Learn
4 Ocu-Clear Ocu-Clear Excellent Good Fair Excellent No Learn
5 I-Clenz I-Clenz Good Good Fair Good No Learn
6 Angels Glow Angels Glow Good Good Unknown Fair Yes Learn

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